At Regenerative Wellness Center, we are focusing on your health needs. We want to provide you with alternative therapies to help you improve your daily health and healthspan. We perform a complete history and combining it with laboratory tests, DNA/Epigenetic testing, and other types of tests to help form a pathway to follow to help you meet your goals.  Using appropriate pharmaceutical medications, nutraceuticals, IV nutrition, injections with peptides, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Regenerative Medicine products, our clinic can help you feel better every day.


Helping you to look your best and feel your best starts with knowing you. During the consultation, your needs will be discussed. Various options will be provided to you and advice on how to maximize the results you want.

• Neuromodulators – Botox Desport, Xeomin
• Dermal Fillers
• PDO thread lifts (noon time facelift)
• Microneedling with PRP or amniotic products
• Radiofrequency, IPL, and Ultrasound cavitation
• Laser Hair Removal
• Hair restorations
• And more


Regenerative medicine focuses on addressing the root cause of pain instead of merely managing symptoms. Our holistic approach utilizing the best in regenerative medicine will lead to increased functionality, faster recovery, and reduced risk of future injuries and pain.

• Human Birth tissue orthopedic procedures and other treatments
• Chronic pain non-opioid treatments
• Platelet Rich Plasma treatments
• Oxygen-ozone therapies
• Bone density testing and osteoarthritis treatments
• Wound care
• Osteoarthritis programs


Personalized wellness is a means of providing individually informed and precisely tailored care. It’s a puzzle-piece approach meant to match a person’s unique set of clinical data and diagnoses, lifestyle variables and preferences, and personal health goals. These collective factors are being tapped to develop a new generation of diet recommendations, exercise regimens, and stress management programs tailor-made for an audience of one.

• DNA testing and reports (done one in your life)
• Epigenetic testing
• Bio-Identical Hormone
• Peptide therapies
• IV nutrition and therapeutic
• Longevity programs
• Self biomonitoring programs
• Weight loss programs based on testing


We provide Saliva Based COVID-19 PCR Testing Services for those that require a 24-hour turnaround on their results. We have a partnership with a local laboratory accredited and utilizes EUA PCR testing protocols with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity. We can help facilitate the testing for large groups and provide event managers or business with COVID-19 Testing needs. Saliva based specimen collection is much less invasive, can be performed at home, and reduces false negatives due to collection issues.

Treatment Options are Available